What Is Myotherapy?

What is Myotherapy?

If you live or work around South Yarra, Prahran, Richmond, Toorak or Windor then South Yarra Myotherapy is here to help!

The Short Version:

Three different Myotherapy qualifications available.
Taught mostly in Melbourne, more recently in Adelaide, Brisbane and Sydney with a minimum Advanced Diploma taught over two years.
8 potential groups of physical techniques for treatment.

The Long Version:

Myotherapy is different for most clinicians given the wide range of skills available to the profession.

What you will find is that most Myotherapy consultations will follow a similar format to other health professions by taking some form of health history at the beginning of the session followed by an assessment, treatment, a reassessment to see if the treatment was effective and any advice or exercises for your given situation.
This is the basic template but will be different for every practitioner and each person we see.

Initially the focus of Myotherapy was based on the concept of trigger points (generally known as knots in the general public) and pain of muscular origin. Since then, we have expanded our knowledge and sought research from other disciplines like Physiotherapy in particular for its strength in using exercise to treat pain.

Techniques available to most Myotherapists in no particular order:

Dry Needling
Myofascial Cupping
Joint Mobilisation
Stretching Techniques
Taping (Rigid, elastic, kinesiotape)
Electrotherapy (TENS)
Corrective & rehabilitation exercises
Hot & Cold Therapy
And the ever loved hands on techniques with variations of massage, myofascial release, trigger point therapy, positional release, and so on.

There is also the always important education for our clients.

Dry Needling by Myotherapy Practitioners

The South Yarra Myotherapy Difference

Brooke and Neil aren’t just Myotherapists. We studied together at the Australian College of Sports Therapy and during our studies also completed qualifications in Sports Therapy and Fitness/Personal Training.

Combining Myotherapy with a greater understanding in exercise, biomechanics and nutrition opens up a wide range of conversations we can have with our clients to achieve better long-term outcomes over a quick fix.